Video and Sound Systems for Churches and Synagogues: From Concept to Completion

For those who are able to attend your services in person you want to make sure they are able to properly see and hear you. And for those who are not able to be there with you—you want the same. 5280 Digital provides the full suite of AV equipment and AV systems. Our services include church and synagogue sound systems for small to medium sized churches trying to ensure all in attendance can properly participate up to church IP video, church video equipment and complex church sound systems for very large organizations with complex onsite and online audio and video needs. 5280 Digital provides both the AV experts to design the best solution for your synagogue and church audio visual needs and the best-in-class audio visual equipment for your church sound system requirements.

As the only Denver-based re-seller that carries all CTS Certifications as well as Microsoft and Avid certifications, we combine our 10+ years of experience designing and implementing audio visual solutions, our extensive experience providing standard video, IP video and sound systems for houses of worship and the most advanced and tested in church video equipment to create the right solution and the right price for every church's onsite and online audio and video needs.

Our end-to-end process for the design and implementation of church sound systems is as follows:

  1. Engage the only Denver-based CTS Certified Re-Seller Engineers to prepare a detailed needs analysis and scope of work.
  2. Upon approval of the needs analysis and scope of work, the 5280 Digital Engineering Team will prepare precise CAD renderings of the final installation and all components required for your church sound and video system needs.
  3. When the CAD renderings are approved the 5280 Digital team will acquire and install all of the required equipment.

The result? A seamless integration for your exact synagogue or church sound and video system needs!