AV Equipment, AV Systems and AV Solutions: From Concept to Completion

Designing the right AV solution for business involves two equally critical components: form and function. The right AV solution for your business will not only aesthetically match the intended purpose of the room in which the AV solution will live, but it will also accommodate all of the communication needs of intended for the room. 5280 Digital understands the importance of both form and function when designing corporate AV, corporate IP video and business sound systems. This is why we provide an end-to-end solution, a concept to completion process, which not only designs the AV solution for your corporate AV needs but provides all of the required equipment and installation expertise.

5280 Digital can help your organization by designing and installing:

  • Wired conference rooms
  • Robust training centers with AV systems and interconnected computer networks
  • All of the AV needs for your auditoriums and meeting spaces

Our corporate AV solutions and equipment include:

  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Sound Systems
  • Integrated Lighting Systems
  • Videoconferencing
  • Touch-panel Control Systems
  • Dedicated Computers
  • Custom Furnishings
  • Corporate IP video
  • IP video servers

5280 Digital's end-to-end process involves the following:

  1. Engaging our team of engineers, the only CTS Certified Engineers in Denver, to create a detailed needs analysis and scope of work.
  2. Upon approval of the needs analysis and scope of work, the 5280 Digital Engineers will create precise CAD rendered drawings displaying both all equipment required and the final space layout.
  3. Acquiring and install are required equipment upon approval of CAD rendered drawings.

The result? A seamless integrated corporate AV solution which not only meets your technical needs, but matches the aesthetic demands of your business.